Everything you need to charge electric cars

Everything you need to charge electric cars

GreenWay represents a leading company in the electromobility industry in Central and Eastern Europe. With the recent expansion of its business activities to the territory of Croatia, GreenWay committed itself to participate in supporting the transformation of Croatia into a country with clean and sustainable transport, with a complete absence of CO2 emissions. We are bringing our expertise and capabilities in the electromobility industry to Croatia, taking advantage of GreenWay Group's synergy, financial strength and established partnerships.

Our vision

  • Cleaner, healthier and less dependent on oil Central and Eastern Europe thanks to electric vehicles.
  • Electric cars are the future of transport and charging infrastructure is a key enabler for their widespread use.
  • Smart charging networks will enable the integration of electric vehicles into a sustainable energy system based on renewable energy sources.

Our mission

  • We build and manage vehicle charging infrastructure to develop the electromobility ecosystem.
  • We are increasing our influence by enabling our partners to build and operate their own landing infrastructure.
  • We strive to make GreenWay the largest provider of electromobility solutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our values

  • A reliable partner focused on the customer. The combination of the highest quality services with the best customer service.
  • Efficient and responsible innovator. Efficient implementation of innovations that bring measurable benefits.
  • A truly green company. Focus on the environment.

„On the comprehensive path of transition to fully carbon-neutral mobility, GreenWay's mission is to provide critical infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and enable highly customized, user-oriented charging services, in accordance with the highest principles of sustainability. We believe that electric vehicles are the solution for the future of sustainable transport, and charging infrastructure is a key enabler for their widespread use. As the only operator of charging station networks in Croatia, which is also an active member of the umbrella association Charge Up Europe, we are committed to cooperate with key stakeholders in the country and contribute to the establishment of a regulatory framework that removes obstacles and promotes the harmonization of best practices between member countries."

Dino Novosel, CEO

Network development

Network development

With 34 chargers per 100,000 inhabitants, the Republic of Croatia is almost 20 times less developed than the most developed Netherlands and 3 times less developed than the EU average. On April 13, 2024, the European Regulation on the introduction of infrastructure for alternative fuels (AFIR) enters into force, which, among other things, mandates that until the stage of development of electric vehicles with a share in the total number of registered vehicles of 15%, a minimum of 1.3 kW of publicly available charging infrastructure must be provided for 100% electric vehicles and 0.8 kW of publicly available charging infrastructure for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Taking into account the expected tenfold increase in the total number of registered vehicles in the period up to 2030, to almost 50,000 in Croatia, and the fact that the number of tourists entering Croatia with electric vehicles will increase from the current 50,000 to at least 1 million by 2030, for it is expected that the total needs for charging services from foreign tourists, the so-called roamers, on the public infrastructure alone will exceed all domestic needs for charging electric vehicles three times. In order to ensure an adequate infrastructure, it will be necessary to increase the installed capacity from the current 20 MW of publicly available chargers to a minimum of 130 MW, thus starting an investment cycle in the amount of over EUR 100 million in the period until 2030.

Our plan for Croatia is ambitious, but also realistic. In the next 5 years, we plan to invest more than EUR 30 million in the development of critical infrastructure, which means investing in ultra-fast chargers, on a turnkey basis, with connected power of 100 - 400kW in key strategic corridors, urban areas, as part of commercial facilities, but also the fleet. The private investment in question is larger than all previous investments in this industry in Croatia and will result in a network of over 300 ultra-fast chargers.


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